FAQ about Massage Chair Rental from Better Lounge

Frequently Asked Questions for Massage Chair Rental

Which Cities do you serve?

We rent massage chairs to places/events across north america. We have inventory stored locally in all major cities in Canada and USA.

What kind of events/venues do your massage chairs serve?

Having massage chairs on your events is a best way to attract and impress people! We rent massage chairs for Corporate Events, Conferences, Trade Show Exhibitors, Trade Show Organizers, Employee Appreciation Events, Workplace Wellness Programs, Employee Engagement, College/University de-stress facility, Workplace Wellness Lounges…

How Much Space Will your Rental Massage Chair need?

Our rental massage chair takes about 2.5’ X 6’ to use; and A space of 3’ X 7’ is sufficient to use all models of our electric massage chairs.

What are the electrical requirements for Better Lounge rental massage chairs?

All of our Chairs are using the household power AC110-120V 60Hz. Simple Plug in.

Are the massage chairs easy to set up?

Better Lounge rental massage chairs are easy to set up. And we strive to provide brand new electronic massage chairs for most events which come with step-by-step directions on how to unpack and set the chair up. No tools are required and setup typically takes under 5 minutes per chair.

Do the massage chairs have time limit on them?

Yes. There is a built in 15-minute time limit on the rent massage chairs.

How many massage chairs can fit in a 10×10 exhibition booth?

Most Better Lounge clients with 10×10 exhibit spaces find one or two massage chairs to be ideal. This attracts attendees to the booth and relax in a massage chair while leaves enough space for exhibit staff to engage with the attendees.

How much does it cost to rent massage chairs?

The total cost to rent massage chairs from Better Lounge depends on the specific requirements and location of your event. Click and Get Your Quote Free

What happens if the rental massage chair breaks down?

Better Lounge is 100% confident with the quality of our rental massage chairs because we only partner with the most reputable and trustworthy brands. We provide full commercial warranty, quick replacement or repair with no question asked when you rent, lease or purchase massage chairs from Better Lounge. We are proud that Better Lounge has provided this ‘worry free’ service to hundreds of clients and Better Lounge is the only one provide this full commercial warranty for renting massage chairs!

What are the differences between lease and purchase regarding your service?

Leasing massage chairs from Better Lounge, you will get full warranty during the whole leasing time and fast replacement instead of repair if anything breaks down. Purchasing massage chairs from Better Lounge, you have the standard brand/manufactory warranty.

What are Fixed shipping and Flexible shipping?

Fixed shipping is where you need the chairs to be delivered/picked-up on a specific time and day. It is also called event shipping. Flexible shipping refers to a situation where your event dates will be guaranteed while the chairs can be received/picked-up in regular business hours within 1-2 weeks’ window before and after your event dates.

How much advance notice is needed to make a reservation before the rental massage chairs are able to be shipped?

The earlier you can confirm to rent massage chairs from Better Lounge, the more you can save on the price. You can save 50% if you book 3 months prior to your events. Minimum 2 weeks’ advance confirmation is required to book the rental massage chairs.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, Cheque, Bank wire and Money order for renting and purchasing massage chairs from Better Lounge.

Can I buy massage chairs online from you?

Yes. This is our massage chairs online retail store: https://wellness.furniture

Can We Clean our Rental Massage Chairs and How?

Yes. The rule of thumb, in Better Lounge, we allow you to treat the rental massage chairs as the gym equipment. This will Decrease the life-pan of our massage chairs but will allow you, our Clients to maximize the purpose of renting massage chairs to achieve your goals. Please see the details here!

What is your Event Rental Cancellation Policy

We understand that things change! Our cancellation policy is designed to provide as much flexibility as possible to accommodate the unique needs of the event marketing industry. In the event you do need to cancel your order, please let us know as soon as possible in order to avoid any unnecessary fees. Please view the cancellation fee schedule below as the general rule.
45 days or moreNone except if chairs have been shipped or purchased for special orders.
20-45 days50% of rental amount less shipping
Less than 20 days100% of rental amount less shipping
After ship date100% of rental amount